Stanchions & Crowd Control

There are times when guiding foot traffic or managing groups of people is needed using visual cues. To help the process run smoothly, stanchions and crowd control barriers are commonly used. Stanchions are posts with either retractable belts or roping that connect to form queues or boundary lines. The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, has established social distancing guidelines of six feet to help prevent the spread of infection. Stanchions and crowd control barriers are effective tools to create physical separation between individuals or groups and help people navigate an area safely. In schools there are many spaces where stanchions and crowd control barriers can be used to practice responsible social distancing such as drop off and pick up areas, hallways, restrooms and cafeterias.

School Outfitters carries a variety of social distancing equipment from trusted suppliers. From retractable belts and roping that can be quickly erected and moved throughout the day to reminder signage. Choose from stanchions for indoor or outdoor use, with single or dual belts for increased security and ADA compliance. Signage ranges from those that are engraved with phrases like “Please Wait Here” and “Please Exit Here” to customizable options for inserts. All serve to guide individuals in a safe and orderly manner while adhering to CDC recommendations for infection control. Rely on School Outfitters to create the learning environment you need with our array of stanchions and crowd control products.

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