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The Ultimate Guide for Folding Chair Dollies

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If your school has closets and storage spaces full of unorganized and miscellaneous folding chairs, this is the ultimate guide for you. While it’s easy for schools’ storage spaces to become disorganized over time, there is an organizational solution to help. Folding chair dollies are must-haves for any school, daycare, or institution that frequently uses or manages folding chairs. Before you buy just any folding chair dolly, check out the insights our school furniture experts have put together so you can be sure you’re purchasing the best-fit folding chair dolly.

Benefits of folding chair dollies for your school

Before investing in a folding chair dolly solution, consider how you’ll use it. There are plenty of benefits of these organizational products – stacking your folding chairs is just the beginning.

Convenience advantages

Folding chair dollies provide a convenient solution for transporting multiple folding chairs at once, saving time and effort compared to carrying chairs individually. They allow users to move chairs quickly and easily between storage areas, event venues, or meeting spaces.

Efficiency benefits

With a folding chair dolly, users can transport a larger quantity of chairs in a single trip, maximizing efficiency and reducing the number of trips required to move chairs from one location to another. This is particularly useful for event planners, venue managers, and rental companies who need to set up and break down seating arrangements efficiently.

Space-saving solutions

Folding chair dollies help optimize storage space by allowing chairs to be stacked vertically and compactly on the dolly when not in use. This helps free up valuable floor space in storage rooms, closets, or warehouses, making it easier to organize and access chairs as needed.

Reduced physical strain

Using a folding chair dolly helps reduce the risk of physical strain and injuries associated with lifting and carrying heavy chairs. By providing a wheeled platform for transporting chairs, dollies minimize the strain on users' backs, shoulders, and arms, promoting safer and more ergonomic handling.

Versatility for different folding chair styles

Folding chair dollies are designed to accommodate various types and sizes of folding chairs, making them a versatile solution for transporting chairs in different styles and configurations. Many dollies feature adjustable or removable components to accommodate chairs with different dimensions or specifications.

Durability for frequent use

High-quality folding chair dollies are built to withstand frequent use and heavy loads, featuring sturdy construction, reinforced frames, and durable caster wheels that can withstand the rigors of transportation and handling. This ensures reliable performance and long-term durability in commercial and institutional settings.

Time-saving benefits

Using a folding chair dolly can help save time during the setup and breakdown of events, meetings, or gatherings where seating arrangements need to be quickly assembled or dismantled. The efficient transportation and storage capabilities of chair dollies allow users to focus on other tasks and activities, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Folding chair dolly features schools love

Overall, a folding chair dolly offers practical benefits for transporting, storing, and organizing folding chairs in various settings. And when you choose products with the right features, you can expect a convenient and efficient solution for managing seating arrangements and folding chair logistics.

Folding design

Many folding chair dollies feature a collapsible or folding design that makes for easy storage in compact spaces when not in use. This feature is particularly useful for maximizing storage efficiency in closets, storage rooms, or vehicles during folding chair transportation.

Adjustable width or length

Some folding chair dollies offer adjustable width or length settings to accommodate chairs of different sizes and dimensions. This flexibility is really ideal for schools that own a variety of folding chairs. And these dollies make it a breeze to transport various types of folding chairs without the need for multiple dollies.


Recognize how many folding chairs you have, along with the average number of chairs needed for regular event setup, to help you gauge what capacity you’ll need in a folding chair dolly. Folding chair dollies come in different weight capacities to accommodate varying numbers of chairs. Heavy-duty models are also available, designed to support larger quantities of chairs and withstand heavier loads.

Caster wheels

Most folding chair dollies feature swivel caster wheels that provide smooth mobility and maneuverability on various floor surfaces. Some models also come with locking wheels or brakes to secure the dolly in place, which is ideal when loading or unloading chairs.


Many folding chair dollies feature ergonomic handlebars or grips for easy pulling, pushing, and maneuvering. If students and administrators are setting up or breaking down folding chairs, the ergonomic handle designs help reduce strain on the user's hands and wrists, enhancing comfort and ease of use.


A folding chair dolly is an investment. So, look for high-quality folding chair dollies that are constructed from durable materials. It’s best to find steel or aluminum materials that withstand frequent use and heavy loads. Be mindful to buy folding chair dollies that also have reinforced frames, welded joints, and powder-coated finishes for enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Safety features

Some folding chair dollies incorporate additional safety features, like protective bumpers or padding. These design extras prevent damage to walls, furniture, or chairs during transportation. They also help minimize the risk of accidents or injuries while handling the dolly and chairs.

Easy assembly

Many folding chair dollies come with easy-to-follow directions and require minimal tools or hardware for setup. Great assembly features include any quick-release mechanisms or snap-on components. And look for school furniture vendors (like School Outfitters) who provide customer support with every order.


Many folding chair dollies are designed to be compatible with specific types or brands of folding chairs. Manufacturers often provide compatibility guidelines or specifications to ensure proper fit and functionality with their chairs. Verify what types of chairs you’re using and then verify that the folding chair dolly you intend to purchase is compatible.

FAQs about folding chair dollies

How do you stack chairs on a folding chair dolly?

Always refer to your specific model’s instructions for correct use. And while every folding chair dolly is unique in its design and functionality, this general, step-by-step tutorial is generally the best to follow for proper and safe use of your dolly.

  • Preparation: Before loading chairs onto the dolly, ensure that the dolly is assembled correctly, and all components are securely in place. Verify that the wheels are clean and free of debris to ensure smooth movement.

  • Positioning: Place the folding chair dolly in a convenient location near other chairs on the dolly.

  • Folding chairs: Collapse or fold the folding chairs to their compact form. Chairs should be properly folded and aligned to maximize space efficiency on the dolly.

  • Loading: Lift the folded chairs one by one and place them onto the dolly's platform. Start by loading the chairs at the bottom of the dolly and work your way up, stacking them neatly and securely.

  • Distribution: Distribute the weight of the chairs evenly across the dolly to maintain balance and stability during transportation. Avoid overloading the dolly beyond its weight capacity to prevent accidents or damage to the dolly and chairs.

  • Securing: Once all chairs are loaded onto the dolly, secure them in place using straps or other fastening mechanisms. Ensure that the chairs are tightly secured to prevent shifting or toppling over during movement.

  • Maneuvering: Use the dolly’s handlebar and carefully push or pull it to transport the chairs to their destination. Use caution when navigating corners, ramps, or uneven surfaces to prevent tipping or accidents.

  • Unloading: Upon reaching the destination, carefully remove the straps or fasteners securing the chairs. Unload the chairs from the dolly one by one, starting from the top of the stack and working your way down.

  • Storage: After unloading the chairs, return the folding chair dolly to its designated storage area. Collapse or fold the dolly as needed to save space and ensure easy access for future use.

  • Maintenance: Regularly inspect the folding chair dolly for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. Clean the dolly and wheels to remove dirt, debris, or moisture.

How many folding chairs can a folding chair dolly hold?

Styles vary for light and heavy-duty use. Some securely support 20 to 40 chairs, while more commercial-grade options hold 50+. Be mindful of weight capacities when you review your options since weight limits for plastic chairs and resin chairs may differ.

Where can you find the best folding chair dolly options?

There’s no shortage of online buying resources for folding chair dollies. But your school will want to choose a purchasing option that offers budget-friendly pricing, incredible ordering support, and post-order customer service. Before you buy, experience positive with School Outfitters!

Let School Outfitters be your folding chair dolly expert

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