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The Best Classroom Storage Solution is a Folding Bookshelf

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Books are one of the most important resources for students whether they’re in Pre-K or about to graduate. A classroom bookshelf is the easiest way to keep books readily available for students to read, but with so many other elements to incorporate in learning spaces adding a bookcase can become a headache. How can you free space in your classroom and provide your students with a wide selection of valuable reading materials? Utilizing a folding bookshelf might just be the very best classroom storage solution.

There are many classroom storage ideas that try to tackle organization, but most of these take up a lot of space and require some DIY that busy educators may not be up for. Finding suitable toy storage shelves can be particularly difficult thanks to the bulky and awkward shapes of preschool toys. Skip the storage “hacks” and get moving on your classroom organization plans with convenient foldable rolling shelves. A folding wood bookshelf is a simple answer to classroom storage, especially when dealing with limited space. There are a number of styles available and the school furniture specialists at Sprogs® have designed two excellent models that offer compact storage.

The Baltic birch folding bookshelf has five shelves on each wing with the bottom shelves segmented to keep totes and trays organized. The maple folding bookshelf has similarly wide, segmented shelves but offers more versatility with three different sizes and two different shelf arrangements to choose from. Not only can books and toys be stored on the sturdy wooden shelves but with colorful, translucent bins even small things like racecars, crayons and craft supplies can be kept out of the way yet quickly accessible.

Unlike other small classroom shelves that fit into corners, these foldable bookshelves have four smooth rolling casters that make them completely mobile. You can use folding bookshelves as open-faced statement pieces, nestle them in the corner of your room or fold them up and roll them away as needed to create or fill extra space. Being able to close up the toys, games and colorful books displayed in your classroom is also a great way to remove distractions and refocus students after breaks. The metal latch ensures that the shelving unit doesn’t open while being moved and discourages students from opening it.

Even the tops can be used for toys and supplies. Each folding classroom bookshelf is approximately four feet in width when folded, meaning that stable items such as stacks of paper, boxes of crayons and large picture books can be left on top of the unit without issue. The tallest model is only three feet in height, so even preschool students can access the books and toys on each shelf without help. These foldable wooden bookcases have rounded corners and are designed to resist tipping over when students lean or grab onto shelves.

A convenient shelving unit on wheels may be the ultimate option when it comes to effortless classroom organization. A folding bookshelf with plenty of deep shelving on durable wheels is ready to open up a world of reading and imagination to students of all ages. Featuring a beautiful UV finish and a lifetime warranty, these folding wood bookshelves will keep classrooms clear of clutter while looking great for years to come.

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