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5 Innovative Ideas to Engage Your Students

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Of all the skills you teach your students, one of the most important may be socialization. Yes, academics are pillars of your curriculum. However, the soft skills including social, communication, and behavior are equally important for students to achieve adulthood success.

As you explore innovative ways to improve learning recovery, reduce absenteeism, and boost student engagement, consider furniture and room designs. How you outfit your learning spaces can significantly support those soft skills development efforts. And today, we'll share some of the innovative furnishings to help you create spaces in which students can thrive socially.

Why student engagement is so important in learning recovery

Student engagement plays a crucial role in learning recovery by reigniting a passion for learning and encouraging active participation. Engaged students are more likely to retain information and develop a deeper understanding of the material, which is essential for bridging learning gaps. In other words, engaged students won't just ôhearö your lesson materials. They'll be more interested in working through challenging ideas and making an intellectual effort to apply meaning to what they've learned.

Forbes recently shared the idea behind why student engagement may even be more important than attendance. Here's what the data suggests:

  • High engagement leads to more positive outcomes, consistently.

  • Positive outcomes stemming from increased engagement include higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and improved work quality.

  • In grades five through 12, Gallup discovered that engaged students were 2.5 times more likely to say they do well in school.

  • Engaged students are actually 4.5 times more likely to be hopeful about their futures.

Furniture and flexible learning spaces can support student engagement

When you can outfit your classrooms, common areas, libraries, cafeterias, and learning spaces with the right furniture, you can inspire better engagement. These social furniture must-haves are best sellers among districts right now, in part because they help to create more flexible learning environments. And the more flexibility you have with your room designs, the better you can engage students and encourage social interactions.

1. Collaborative desks and tables make working together fun

Collaborative desks and tables transform the classroom into a dynamic and interactive learning environment. These setups facilitate teamwork and communication, making group activities enjoyable and productive for students.

Tips for buying collaborative desks and tables:

  • Factor in room size before ordering, allowing roughly 10-12 inches outside the desk's space for comfortable collaboration.

  • Collaborative desks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so consider those that work both independently and collectively with other desks for group work.

  • Consider added features like self-leveling glides for even work surfaces and locking casters for easy desk mobility.

2. Couches, lounge chairs, and common area comforts create social spaces

Couches, lounge chairs, and common area comforts foster a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for students. These spaces encourage informal interactions and peer bonding, enhancing the overall school experience.

Tips for buying lounge and soft seating furniture:

  • Explore modular lounge and soft seating for flexibility in configurations, perfect for outfitting all kinds of school spaces.

  • Consider student comfort and browse bean bags, soft seating stools, and powered lounge seating to inspire relaxed engagement.

  • Keep tech in mind and find furniture that also provides built-in USB

3. Social furniture to outfit your outdoor learning spaces

Social furniture provides comfortable and versatile options for outdoor learning spaces, making them more appealing for students. These setups support group activities and discussions in a natural setting, promoting a healthy balance of learning and social interaction.

Tips for outfitting your outdoor learning spaces with social furniture:

  • Outdoor classroom desks and tables make interaction and socialization easier to facilitate.

  • Consider outdoor classroom collections from School Outfitters for a one-stop-shop experience in creating social-friendly outdoor learning environments.

  • Sometimes, just adding a few additional picnic tables to an outdoor space or playground can inspire more student engagement and interactions.

4. Engage students visually with innovative whiteboards

Innovative whiteboards capture students' attention and facilitate interactive lessons, making learning more engaging. These tools allow for dynamic presentations and collaborative problem-solving, enhancing the overall classroom experience.

Tips for choosing the right whiteboards and dry erase boards for your spaces:

5. Get them involved in Esports programs

Involvement in Esports programs offers students a unique opportunity to develop strategic thinking and teamwork skills. These programs also engage tech-savvy students and provide a platform for building digital literacy and sportsmanship.

Engage your students in a gaming program designed to help them thrive and outfit your spaces with:

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Let School Outfitters help you create more engaging learning spaces

Start trusting furniture and room designs as a method for creating more engaging experiences for your students. When you can provide an environment that supports better collaboration, communication, and engagement, you'll set your students up for success in learning. And to help you boost these learning recovery efforts, trust School Outfitters to share the best furniture additions and future-ready room designs!

Contact our furniture experts to help you reimagine your learning spaces for better student engagement! Get a free quote, and let's outfit your learning spaces this year.

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