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How to Outfit Your Early Learning Classroom Library

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The heart of any early learning classroom is the classroom library. Here, you aim to create a space that's relaxing and inviting, able to inspire reading and literary exploration. Layouts might vary by classroom, but it's often a small nook where young students unlock their imagination and relax away from the hustle and bustle of a busy, active learning space.

Today's educators always look for ways to elevate their classroom library centers, and many turn to unique and innovative school furniture and accessories. We'll share popular products you can add to your classroom library this year so you can create a space where students want to open a book, nurture their reading skills, and get lost in their imaginations. See how other schools organize their reading nooks and classroom library centers to create inviting spaces for all their early learners.

A great classroom library features great displays

Make your classroom library early learner-friendly with low-height shelves that are easily accessible. You'll want to showcase reading options, books, and activities in a way that's easy for little hands and minds to enjoy.

Consider these shelves and book displays as you outfit your classroom library:

Explore comfortable seating for your classroom library

Give students a break from traditional chairs and desks in your classroom library. Provide a cozy space that encourages students to settle in and enjoy reading. Add soft and colorful rugs, bean bag chairs, floor cushions, and soft lighting. This will promote relaxation and encourage extended reading time. Comfortable seating options make a more inviting space and are often a first choice of products for teachers as they look to elevate their student reading experiences.

We can help bring comfort to your classroom library with these flexible seating options:

Easily transform a classroom library with rugs

You can transform a reading nook without major renovations, too. Maybe a fresh rug can breathe new life and comfortable vibes into your space. With options suitable for any early learning age group and student profile, you can use rugs as an invitation to read.

Here are just a few of the more popular rugs to add to your early learning classroom library this year:

Make your reading nook easy to organize

Because the classroom library usually involves independent exploration, where students find books on their own, keeping a well-organized space is imperative. Teachers can use smart storage and organization solutions to keep these smaller areas tidy and easy to maintain. And when you create a conducive environment for students to quickly retrieve and replace books, they'll master good habits that go beyond the classroom library.

Consider these essentials to bring easy organization to your classroom library:

Incorporate technology with your early learning classroom library

Enhance your early learning classroom library with the addition of technology. Bring e-books, audiobooks, educational apps, and more to your young learners this year! These resources can offer an added level of interaction for the students, so they'll be more engaged in the reading experience. With a variety of literary options for students to explore, teachers are also able to cater to the different learning styles and behavioral profiles of each early learning student.

Infuse your classroom library with these early learning technology must-haves this year:

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FAQs about early learning classroom library designs

What are some of the benefits of a well-designed classroom library for early learning students?

Children who are exposed to classroom libraries and preschool reading routines demonstrate a greater number of pre-reading skills and emergent literacy behaviors. The more access to books they have, the better readers they become.

How can I set up a classroom library in my early learning space?

Explore your space and choose an area you can separate from the primary learning space. You'll want a dedicated center where students can step away from noise and distractions, too. Ideally, classroom corners away from doorways are great reading nook spots.

What colors are best for early learning classroom library spaces?

Recognize how colors in a learning space can influence a student's engagement. Warm and cool colors both work well. Choose hues that make sense for your space, keeping these palettes and associated behaviors in mind:

  • Orange: uplifting vibes, stimulating memorization and critical thinking

  • Yellow: promotes awareness and inspires happy moods

  • Blue: enhances creativity and promotes tranquility

School Outfitters is here to help outfit your early learning classroom library

Cultivate a love of reading by elevating your early learning classroom library with these innovative products in mind. The magic of storytelling meets the imagination of young minds for endless adventures in the comfort of a reading nook.

School Outfitters is committed to helping make your classroom vision come to life. This includes outfitting the classroom library to create an inviting space your students will love. Get started with a free quote today!

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