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Modernize Your District to Attract & Retain Teaching Staff

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We often share insights and benefits of innovative classroom furniture for student learning. But flexible learning spaces and modern room designs don't just present advantages for student outcomes. They're also great incentives to retain teachers and staff. And an updated, modern school is far more attractive to new teachers than an antiquated and outdated one.

Today, explore the benefits of a modern district beyond the daily student curriculum. Learn how a few innovative furniture updates and room design improvements can help your school attract and retain one of its most valuable assets û its teaching staff.

Teacher retention and turnover, by the numbers

According to Forbes, teachers aren't just leaving the profession. There are far fewer new teachers choosing to enter the profession. The veteran faculty advises young professionals to steer clear of the classroom, too. In a 2022 nationally representative survey, responses found that fewer than one in five Americans would encourage any young person to become a K-12 teacher. And it's a global teacher shortage, not just US-based. The world urgently needs roughly 44 million teachers come 2030 in order to reach ôSustainable Development Goals,ö according to a UNESCO report.

It's likely that your school is all too familiar with these career challenges, too. But it's not to take away from the high-valued staff that you already have, showing up every day for your students. There are extraordinary professionals doing great work in education despite these challenging dynamics.

So, as a school, what can you be doing to minimize the impact of those challenges and better celebrate the accomplishments of your retained staff?

With furniture, of course!

A few new teachers' desks aren't going to reverse the current teaching shortages. They can, however, be one of the few perks your school has to offer when attracting those exploring the field. In fact, the prospect of teaching becomes more appealing when the classroom itself is outfitted with modern designs, features trendsetting learning products, and provides teachers with a conducive and positive work environment. So, while you can't do much about the global shortage of teaching professionals right now, you can do your part to be a teacher magnet in your own classrooms.

Introduce modern designs to your classrooms

Modern classroom designs aren't just trends. Today's schools embrace proven concepts that enrich student learning , create welcoming spaces, and contribute to an overall healthier working culture for teachers. Explore how to introduce innovative furniture solutions in your school to take advantage of all of these benefits.

Collaborative learning spaces

One of the most significant movements in student learning today involves collaboration. When kids can work together, they profoundly improve their teamwork, socialization, and problem-solving skills. Your teachers will be looking to introduce collaborative learning efforts in the classroom. Support them by providing collaborative classroom furniture, like collaborative desks and mobile chairs.

Comfortable work environments

Walk around your school and take a look at your teachers' desks and chairs. If they're outdated, worn, and uncomfortable, it's time to consider an upgrade. Small investments into creating comfortable work environments for teachers can go a long way in retention efforts. Make sure your educators have spaces they love, complete with smart organizational features and ergonomic benefits that demonstrate how much you value their roles.

Flexible furniture solutions

The right tables, desks, and chairs allow teachers the flexibility they need in their classrooms to develop their students into active learners. When teaching staff have the right flexible pieces in their rooms, they can create dynamic learning environments customized to their students' needs. And when educators can improve student focus, reduce behavioral barriers, and create unique spaces, they feel more rewarded in their roles.

Small purchases with big student outcomes

Administrators often presume that modernizing their schools means big spending and expansive budgets. But there are a host of small classroom furniture purchases that are affordable and net big benefits to students and teacher satisfaction. Explore some of these one-time purchases you could consider that likely fall within budget and can bring modern aesthetics to any classroom environment.

  • Classroom technology: Explore headsets, charging stations, and accessories to accommodate technology.

  • Student desks: Discover sit-to-stand desks, mobile desks, and whiteboard desks.

  • Learning space chairs: Browse a variety of seating options, including wobble stools, soft seating, flexible seating, and floor chairs.

  • Dry erase boards and whiteboards: Support learning with whiteboard easels, mobile/reversible dry erase boards, acrylic/glass dry erase boards, and lapboard tablets.

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Furniture to solve teacher pain points

Another way you can attract teachers and retain educational staff with furniture involves solving their pain points. For example, your teachers might struggle with organizing their classroom supplies. You can address that need with modern storage solutions. Talk with your staff about wish lists they have and explore the various classroom furniture additions to grant those wishes.

Let School Outfitters help you outfit your modern classrooms

When it comes to teacher retention and onboarding, don't overlook the power of modern classroom furniture and room designs. A few updates and upgrades could make a big difference in your school's learning environment and work culture. And for all those school furniture needs, trust the experts at School Outfitters! We have hundreds of quick-ship products you can explore now. Or talk with our team about ideas and solutions to outfit any learning space. From cafeterias and common areas to classrooms and computer labs, we can help you find the best on-budget furniture solutions. Contact our experts today for your free quote!

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