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How To Use BuyBoard

Key Takeaways:
  • BuyBoard membership is free and sign-up is easy.
  • School districts, colleges, cities and other entities nationwide enjoy bulk discounts on an array of products through BuyBoard.
  • All vendors approved by BuyBoard are vetted using a thorough and competitive procurement process.

What Is BuyBoard?

The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is an administrative agency created in 1998 to support schools, municipalities, nonprofits and other public entities purchasing supplies and equipment. BuyBoard members have access to competitively procured contracts with bulk discounts. BuyBoard curates a list of carefully selected vendors in compliance with state laws, ensuring that only quality products and services are approved.

How do you become a BuyBoard member?

Becoming a BuyBoard member is free and easy. There are just a few steps to follow, including filling out a form found on BuyBoard’s website. Any number of individuals can be allowed access to your membership, so your purchasing department can efficiently utilize the program at any time. There is no obligation to use BuyBoard exclusively once you become a member, so you still have the freedom to choose where and how you make purchases.

Is School Outfitters an approved BuyBoard vendor?

Yes! BuyBoard has named School Outfitters an approved vendor for furniture and AV equipment for schools, offices, science rooms, libraries and dormitories. In fact, School Outfitters is an approved vendor with a variety of school district co-ops and contracts nationwide. Adding BuyBoard membership information to your account or to an individual order can be quickly handled by our experienced Sales team online or over the phone.

How do you place an order using a BuyBoard membership?

Placing an order begins with our team of contract specialists. If you already have products in mind that you would like to purchase, we can provide a quick quote using your contract name and number. Similarly, if you create a School Outfitters account you can link any BuyBoard contract numbers you have and see contract pricing during checkout. Our team of experts can also provide quotes for big projects such as outfitting a new school, renovating an existing space or installing a new area to a facility. We’ll help you maximize the benefits of your contract to find products you need at the best possible price.

BuyBoard is a trusted source for managing spending without having to commit time to researching vendors and pricing. Our contract specialists are ready to support your bulk purchasing needs by providing quick quotes at competitive prices. We’re happy to help you make purchases with BuyBoard and any other contracts or co-ops you may be interested in utilizing. Saving money is easier than ever with the deep discounts made possible through national programs like BuyBoard.

Have questions? We're here to help! Our experts are available by phone at 1-800-260-2776. You can also get personalized assistance through our or by emailing us. We're available Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm.

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