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How to Use ESSER & EANS Funds to Support Learning Recovery

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Today, many school districts are using their federal relief funds to combat students’ pandemic learning loss – the so-called “Covid-slide”. In fact, 56% of school districts with ESSER III funding (the most recent aid package) are using the funds to address unfinished learning, according to a report by the Association of School Business Officials.

So, it’s now more critical than ever that students and educators are set up for success with the right furniture and equipment – furnishings designed to support learning recovery initiatives and help improve outcomes.

Here’s how schools can use their ESSER or EANS funds to support learning recovery – in any way it's done.

Prioritize mental health

Student mental health is critical to learning recovery – and it’s worth investing in spaces that prioritize students’ well-being. These types of spaces are:

These areas provide students access to caring adults and refuge from stressful situations – which can temper unruly behavior, increase motivation and boost psychological well-being.

Offer opportunities for skill development

Feelings of self-efficacy can bolster mental health and the ability to learn as well. Invest in new or underused school spaces where students can embrace their autonomy and develop specific skills. These types of spaces include:

Allowing students to explore self-efficacy through risk-taking or creativity can boost their self-esteem and leave them feeling empowered to take on more challenging goals.

Choose flexible furnishings

Flexible classroom furniture makes it easy for students to reconfigure spaces on the fly – giving them the power to learn wherever and however they’re most comfortable.

Modular soft seating, for example, can be quickly rearranged for various activities and works especially well in libraries or media centers. Flexible seating like wobble stools, mobile school chairs and floor cushions encourage quick collaboration and add versatility anywhere, whether it’s a traditional classroom or a special education space.

Collaborative tables are another flexible furniture must-have. Available in a wide range of collaborative shapes, these tables are designed to be pushed together or pulled apart as needed. Choose tables with whiteboard tops to encourage impromptu notetaking or brainstorming in common areas or other collaborative spaces.

Invest in educational technology

Many districts are also prioritizing educational technology and remote learning tools to support students’ learning recovery. This allows for flexible, engaging, and even customized learning experiences, whether inside the classroom or out.

Mobile charging carts are an important accessory to school tech. Charging carts keep shared student devices like laptops or tablets up and running – and lock them up when not in use to prevent theft or tampering.

Document cameras are great tools in virtually any learning environment and can be used to conduct in-class demonstrations or to record lectures for remote lessons. Investing in quality student headphones shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Headphones are crucial for remote learning activities and test taking.

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