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How ESSER & EANS Funds Can Address Learning Loss

In March 2021, a third pandemic stimulus bill dubbed the American Rescue Plan was signed into law, providing public school districts across the country a whopping $122 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (or ESSER III) funds. Another $2.75 billion was set aside for non-public schools as well – Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (or EANS) funds.

ESSER III and EANS funds are designed to help schools reopen quickly and safely, as well as address the months of significant learning loss by U.S. students during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Based on assessments in October 2020, students are at least 1.5 months behind in reading and 3 months behind in math, according to a McKinsey & Company report.)

Schools can use ESSER III and EANS funds to remediate learning loss in several ways, including:
  • Investing in furniture and equipment to keep teachers, students and staff safe and/or distanced during in-person instruction, such as individual desks and mobile chairs, tabletop screens and PPE.
  • Purchasing health and safety equipment to help prevent the spread of disease, such as air purifiers, sanitation stations and universal cleaners.
  • Hiring additional personnel to keep school spaces safe and clean, such as nurses and custodians.
  • Investing in outdoor furniture and equipment to account for an increase in outdoor activities and dining, such as picnic tables, benches and portable sinks.
  • Purchasing furniture and equipment to implement before and after-school enrichment programs, including table and chair sets.
  • Hiring additional educators and support staff.
  • Investing in educational technology and remote learning tools, including hardware, software and connectivity to support student learning.
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These are just a few of the myriad ways schools can use ESSER III and EANS funds. As educators begin to shift back to full time, in-person instruction this fall, they'll be able to assess the extent of their students' learning loss and determine which interventions are best.

For even more ideas on how your school can make the most out of its ESSER or EANS funding, check out 27 Ways You Can Use Your ESSER & EANS Funds. Our easy-to-read guide breaks down 27 ways educators can use ESSER or EANS funding to prepare school spaces for full time, in-person learning post pandemic - whether it's a classroom, cafeteria, science lab or media center.

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