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The must-see 2024 Voice of Educators Survey is now available

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Because we work with so many public K-12 school districts, private schools, charter schools, daycares, and colleges, we hear a LOT about the current challenges in education. We understand that absenteeism, learning loss, job satisfaction, and funding are among the top priorities that educators address every day.

However, we also hear solutions. We're seeing schools change their approaches to common learning roadblocks. And we wanted to help bring those solutions, ideas, and positive efforts to light.

So, we partnered with EdWeek Research Center and launched a survey aimed at teachers and administrators to learn more.

We're thrilled to share these high-value insights from nearly 1000 education professionals in districts across the country. We asked and listened. Now, we’re offering 2024 The Voice of Educators Survey results so you can see what others think about the impact of flexible learning spaces and consider how classroom furniture can play a role in learning recovery efforts.

What this survey means for educators and administrators in 2024

When you can see what other school districts and teachers are doing to improve learning loss and adopt more flexible learning spaces, you can:

  • Feel validated that you're not alone in facing today's educational challenges.

  • Explore solutions others use to help improve students' learning recovery.

  • Learn what furniture and learning space are making a difference.

  • Get inspired to embrace flexible furniture in your learning spaces

Who we surveyed

We surveyed 942 educators, including 590 teachers and 352 school and district leaders.

Questions we asked

We partnered with EdWeek Research Center to administer a series of survey questions pertaining to school furniture, learning spaces, and the impacts of both on their day-to-day experiences. Our questions covered a variety of furniture and learning space dynamics and their impacts on:

  • Job satisfaction

  • Teaching style

  • Teaching effectiveness

  • Mental wellness

  • Engagement

  • Student achievement

  • Experience positive

  • Collaboration

What we hoped to learn

We hoped to learn more about how furniture is critical to solving the biggest issues faced by educators and students today. Armed with knowledge about what teachers and administrators value most, we can be better about providing furniture and learning space solutions that have the most significant impact on student outcomes.

What teachers value most

Download the 2024 Voice of Educators Survey to see what teachers value most right now, for themselves, for their students, and for their learning spaces. Here's just a sneak peek of the survey results we collected:

54% of teachers believe a new comfortable teacher desk and chair would have a positive impact on increasing their job satisfaction.

So many teachers today have old or outdated desks and teacher chairs. And a furniture upgrade could also contribute to better teacher retention.

62% of teachers say that spaces that can be quickly transformed are very important to their teaching style.

Teachers need their learning spaces to adapt with their teaching styles so they can customize their approach based on student needs.

63% of teachers in flexible learning spaces say that the furniture/configurations make them a better teacher.

Teachers in flexible learning spaces are more likely to believe that the furniture in their classrooms supports collaboration, communication, participation, attendance, and mental health.

What administrators value most

Flexible learning spaces seem to have a positive impact on teaching effectiveness and job satisfaction, according to administrators.

The data underscores the perceived benefits of flexible learning spaces over traditional classrooms, highlighting a shift in administrative priorities towards investing in learning spaces that support more dynamic and effective teaching. This survey question has proven to be one of the most drastic and telling statements we collected:

97% of administrators think furniture features are very important to student's learning styles.

Nearly every administrator surveyed recognized the importance of furniture as a flexible tool for reaching and impacting students across a variety of learning styles and profiles.

How student outcomes can improve

Another emerging insight from our 2024 Voice of Educators Survey points to the potential correlations between flexible learning spaces and improved student engagement. Sure, comfortable or new furniture in the classroom is understood as a positive upgrade. But in today's learning environments, teachers believe flexible learning spaces that allow for customized approaches to teaching can have an even bigger impact on student outcomes. Here's just a sample of what the survey found:

83% of teachers in flexible learning spaces say the furniture supports students' communication.

Communication with students is a top priority for school educators who want to be able to encourage better dialogs.

68% of teachers in flexible learning spaces say the furniture supports students' behavior.

Understanding and impacting student behaviors in a positive way often starts with learning and social environments, and yes, flexible furniture.

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More FAQs about findings in the exclusive 2024 Voice of Educators Survey

What does it mean to have a flexible learning space with flexible furniture?

When we talk about flexible learning spaces, we mean classrooms, libraries, labs, and centers that feature furnishings and products for:

  • Easy mobility and rearranging

  • Seamless adaptation with new learning technologies

  • Better collaboration and student engagement

Types of flexible furniture to consider include pod style desks, stackable chairs, collaborative tables, storage on wheels, wobble stools, and portable charging stations.

What's the latest in learning recovery efforts?

Some of the top priorities for schools and educators include resolving chronic student absenteeism, improving teacher job satisfaction, and boosting learning recovery. To address these priorities, many districts are turning to flexible and customizable learning environments that extend to summer learning programs, outdoor learning spaces, and more inclusive classrooms.

How can School Outfitters help?

School Outfitters is always ready to help! In addition to sharing these insights you'll only find in the 2024 Voice of Educators Survey, we're standing by to help you outfit your classrooms with the flexible and innovative furnishings you need to make a difference. We make it easy whether you're buying one new teacher's chair or updating an entire campus with new furniture. Start browsing our flexible furniture inventory and get a free quote today!

And if you haven't downloaded the exclusive 2024 Voice of Educators Survey yet, you can get it for FREE right here.

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