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What Daycares Need to Know About Nap Mats

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As a daycare or early learning center, you're always on the lookout for insights about choosing the right classroom furniture for your students. With young learners, nap time is just as important as other curriculum activities. Today, we're sharing everything you need to know when it comes to nap mats.

Nap mats are a daycare must-have for accommodating toddlers and young students. They're designed to create familiar and comfortable spots for dedicated resting periods. However, the right nap mats can also promote a structured routine and toddler independence. And while budget plays a role in how you choose your nap mats, there are other key characteristics to consider.

Start with safety

Before you consider any single or bulk order of nap mats for your daycare, verify that the products you're considering meet the required safety standards. For example, the Consumer Product Safety Commission will endorse certain materials, products, and designs for approved use in daycare settings. The American Society for Testing and Materials is another trusted organization that verifies product safety.

Consider durability

Ideally, you'll want to choose nap mats that feature durable materials, like vinyl or polyurethane. Frequent use and cleaning can wear on certain materials more than others. Selecting a high-use material with durable qualities gets more bang for your daycare buck.

Choose comfortable materials

Of course, you'll want to be mindful of choosing daycare nap mats that are comfortable and supportive for your students. Consider products with ample foam padding and soft materials. Leather-like polyurethane, vinyl, and mesh are popular choices. Comfort matters; otherwise, your students won't experience the quality rest they need throughout the day.

Explore nap mat sizes

Know your students and choose nap mats to accommodate your little ones' needs. Children of varying ages and sizes will require equally unique nap and relaxation mats. Explore all your nap mat size options, which typically include:

  • Under 20"
  • 33" to 48"
  • 20" to 33"
  • Over 48"

Select wipe-clean materials

Think about nap mat maintenance before you order. Wipe-clean surfaces like vinyl or polyurethane are great. But also look at nap mats that come with washable, removable covers or have water-proof qualities to stave off classroom spills or messes. Hygiene maintenance must be easy with whatever mats you choose.

Think about portability and storage

Portability and storage are key considerations, especially if your daycare ventures outside the classroom or takes nap breaks in separate nooks and rooms. For example û nap naps with built-in handles can make transportation from space to space a cinch. Look for nap mats that are easy to stack, fold, store, or transport for optimized use and space-saving convenience.

Understand parental preferences

It's also a good idea to talk with your daycare's staff and students' families for additional input. Parents might have preferences about certain materials. Your educators and staff might have additional preferences for cleaning and storing. And insights from both can help to inform your nap map purchasing decisions.

Ensure compliance

Also, consider nap mats that align with your daycare compliance policies. This might include storage procedures, disinfecting protocols or product certification requirements. For example, your center may require furniture that is GREENGUARD or GREENGUARD Gold Certified for healthier indoor air quality.

Identify customer support or warranty options

Don't forget to look at a product's customer support or warranty coverage. Most reputable suppliers offer seamless customer care to place and facilitate orders. But it's equally helpful to know you have a nap mat partner who can help you with product-specific issues or troubleshoot returns.

FAQs about daycare nap mats for young students

Explore these FAQs about daycare nap mats for insights to help you choose the best-fit products for your students.

What are the recommended ages for nap mat use?

Nap mats are typically recommended for children ages two to five years old. Be sure to verify that the mats you choose are intended for use with your student's ages.

Are nap mats safe?

Nap mats are safe when they feature quality and safety endorsements from the CPSC or the ASTM. However, any of these products do recommend adult supervision to ensure proper and safe use.

How do I clean nap mats?

Most nap mats can be easily wiped clean with mild soap and warm water. Nap mats can also be lightly sprayed with a disinfectant to sanitize the surface.

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