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Game room seating must-haves for your ESports programs

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Multiplayer video games like Valorant and popular Esports games like League of Legends provide students today with a technology and gaming outlet for their online passions. When schools foster this passion, they can ignite an excitement for learning. Transform a classroom or common area into a game room and elevate or create an effective Esports program. The first step is to choose the right game room seating. These innovative and flexible seating options will give you a variety of solutions to help your school design the perfect game room for your budding Esports programs.

Esports is a growing trend that empowers students

As your school explores new ways to engage your K-12 students, don't overlook the proven benefits of an immersive Esports program. Bring these learning advantages to your students this year!

  • Promote student teamwork

  • Enhance individual problem-solving skills

  • Encourage critical thinking development

  • Build on digital literacy

  • Foster inclusivity among fellow students

  • Provide diverse career pathways

A great Esports gaming room starts with innovative gaming chairs

We're ready to help elevate your Esports programs with all the right flexible seating options and gaming chairs. Whether you're buying one chair at a time or have plans to outfit an entire game room, these gaming chairs are great considerations.

Gaming-style office chairs are comfortable for every student

Create the ultimate gaming environment for your Esports program with gaming-style office chairs. Choose from green, blue, red, or white in a stylish design. The smooth vinyl is comfortable for children to sit on while they game and durable for heavy wear and tear. The adjustability throughout the chair makes it perfect for students of different sizes to sit comfortably while gaming.

The height, armrests, and seat back are all adjustable. The easy-to-use levers and handles are perfect for students to adjust on their own quickly and easily. Sturdy and durable casters allow for smooth movement throughout the gaming room for increased communication between fellow gamers. A durable polyurethane frame internally supports the chair, giving it the strength to support up to 300 pounds.

Mesh office chairs offer flexible versatility

For Esports programs that share classroom space with other technology programs, the mesh-backed office chair is perfect. The flexible design of the chair creates versatility for a variety of programs. Choose from classic black, sophisticated blue, or a bright yellow color. The mesh design of the back improved breathability, helping to increase comfort for students sitting for long periods.

This ultra-durable suspended mesh is ideal for withstanding daily wear and tear. The sturdy swiveling castors make moving about in the chair easier. The contoured armrests cradle the students' elbows for a more ergonomic sitting position.

Swivel floor chairs create social-friendly learning spaces

Create a relaxing and inviting learning environment in your technology room with swivel floor chairs. These low-to-the-ground chairs are perfect for Esports because they create a more social environment that encourages group play and communication. Students essentially sit on the ground without actually sitting on the ground. This makes gaming more comfortable for students.

The internal construction of this low-stature chair is made from solid plywood and a polypropylene frame. This gives the chair strength and durability for daily use. A supportive foam core supports the body for increased comfort when sitting for long periods. The wide and round nylon base creates stability and swivels for increased maneuverability. The chairs are also lightweight, making it easy to pick them up and move them out of the way when not in use. They are available in three colors: black, blue, and white.

Foam soft seating for maximum student comfort

Upgrade the student seating for your school's game room with soft foam contoured chairs. Unlike other foam seating solutions, these foam chairs have a contoured shape that follows and supports the natural curve of the body. This creates ergonomic support for students as they participate in Esports and gaming programs.

With a 12-inch seat height, these foam chairs are perfect for younger students. The non-slip base gives these chairs a sturdy stature to make them safer for students to sit on while gaming. The polyurethane cover is durable and easily cleaned by being wiped down. With nine color options, you can create a custom theme or design.

Soft seating chair with USB and electrical outlets

Having school furniture that can serve multiple purposes can help save space and be more functional. The modular seating solution from Learniture is an ideal game room seating solution. Each modular changing furniture piece comes with USB charging ports. Students can have a place to sit, game, and charge devices.

The variety of shapes, chair sizes, and colors allows schools and other facilities to choose the perfect combination for the game room they are designing. The abrasion-resistant vinyl is durable and easy to wipe clean. Each piece features a lightweight design, making it easy to move about the room when not needed.

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Upgrade your Esports game room seating with School Outfitters

Gaming and Esports have become staple extracurricular activities in today's schools. Students can excel even more with the right technology, classroom furniture, and equipment. The right game room seating matters, so explore the must-have supportive, comfortable, and functional chair features. These game room seating options are perfect for creating a fun space that supports students in their growth, learning, and passions.

Ready to outfit your Esports game room with innovative and flexible seating? School Outfitters is here to help with a robust selection of gaming chairs and Esports accessories your students will love. Start browsing today, get a free quote, and let our furniture experts do the rest!

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