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Elevate Your School's Computer Lab with These 6 Accessories

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Computer labs allow K-12 learners to gain the skills necessary to be able to achieve success in our tech-driven world. And a well-outfitted computer lab is crucial to addressing learning loss, especially for students who may not have access to computers at home.

As your school evaluates potential learning space improvements this year, consider updating the computer lab! And to guide your shopping efforts, we've compiled a trending list of innovative computer lab furniture and accessories that certainly deserve a look.

1. Interactive display additions to your school computer lab

Adding an interactive display creates the perfect platform for teaching students while in the computer lab. These screens come in various sizes to fit your available wall space. Teachers and students, whether remote or in-person, can collaborate and learn with an interactive board in real time.

2. School computer lab charging stations and storage solutions

Charging stations are a must for ensuring your computer lab technology is fully charged and ready to use when your teachers and students need it. It simply isn't practical to use electrical plugs around the room. Instead, keep all the computer lab's laptops and tablets in one place in a charging storage cabinet. This also ensures your school's technology stays secure.

3. Headphones and listening centers to improve learning experiences

The computer lab is the perfect setting for individual work. Students can work through lessons on their own devices and at their own pace, and headphones allow them to focus on their work without getting distracted by sounds or what others are doing. Or, consider headsets that connect to a single network listening center and allow an entire class to work through lessons together. Choose innovative headphones with material durability to withstand everyday use by students.

4. Technology stands for mobile and flexible learning

A technology stand is a great addition for educators in the school computer lab. These mobile stands are perfect for keeping the teacher's laptop readily within reach while allowing them to move about the room to work with students

5. Cable management improvements for organization and safety

Nothing is more frustrating than messy, tangled cables and cords in and around computer tables and desks. Not only do they create a nightmare when trying to stay organized, but they can also be a safety risk. Loose wires along the floor can be easily tripped on. Mounted cable minders and clips organize the many cables in your computer lab to keep it neat, organized, and safe.

6. Educational robots for today's modern computer labs

Take your school computer lab to the next level by adding educational robots to your setup. These futuristic little machines can be the perfect introduction to programming and more technical computer applications. Teachers can create entire lesson plans that walk students through the basics of programming, giving them hands-on experience.

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Elevate your school computer lab experience with School Outfitters

Your school's computer lab might need a few updates this year. Consider outfitting it with these innovative computer lab furniture options and accessories to set your educators and students up for success. Beyond the desks, chairs, and computers, these extras will elevate your students' computer lab learning experience!

Need more help? Our furniture expert team can answer your questions and guide your purchasing efforts. Request free quote today and elevate your school's computer lab with the latest equipment and accessories!

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