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ESSER/EANS Funds & Outdoor Furniture: 5 Ways to Brilliantly Invest

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When you're able to take your students outdoors, you're able to tap into a variety of new educational opportunities. Outdoor learning continues to be a top priority for school districts nationwide. And the research suggests that outdoor activities boost child creativity, reduce behavioral issues, and can even increase test scores.

As you explore new ways to outfit your outdoor learning spaces, playgrounds, and summer school activities, don't forget that any remaining federal funding can help. Unused ESSER/EANS funds are compliant for outdoor learning products, helping to improve learning recovery.

Today, we'll provide the inspiration you need to maximize those remaining ESSER/EANS dollars in a way that elevates the outdoor learning environments for all your students this year.

1. Sand and water play activities for early learning and special education

Sand and water play activities are ideal for early learning and special education students as they provide tactile and sensory experiences that enhance cognitive and motor skills. These activities encourage exploration, creativity, and problem-solving in a natural, engaging setting.

From sandboxes and water mills to mud kitchens and nature bowls, outdoor sensory play equipment allows students to learn through exploration and play. Start your search with us!

2. Outdoor seating encourages social interactions in K-12

Providing outdoor seating areas encourages students to engage in social interactions, fostering stronger peer relationships and collaborative skills. These informal settings promote open communication and can enhance the overall student learning experience by creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Designed to endure bad weather and years of use, outdoor tables and chairs add durable, practical workspace to outdoor learning spaces.

3. Shop playground and outdoor learning benches

Invest in high-quality playground and outdoor learning benches to create versatile spaces for instruction and recreation. These benches can serve as hubs for group discussions, outdoor lessons, and social gatherings, making them essential for a well-rounded educational environment.

Available in countless shapes and sizes, outdoor benches provide a comfortable spot for students to rest and reflect in between activities. Explore top-selling playground benches:

4. Summer learning programs and outdoor educational experiences

Summer learning programs that incorporate outdoor educational experiences keep students engaged and prevent learning loss. These programs offer hands-on activities and real-world learning opportunities that make education fun and meaningful during the summer months.

Explore all the fun and innovative outdoor products, toys, and furniture that support quality summer learning programs:

5. Sensory play and inclusive outdoor activities

Sensory play and inclusive outdoor activities cater to diverse learning needs and help all students thrive. These activities stimulate the senses, support sensory integration, and ensure that every child can participate and benefit from outdoor learning experiences.

Discover all the available products and furniture, perfect for building an inclusive outdoor learning experience that adapts for sensory play and unique student learning profiles.

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FAQs About remaining ESSER/EANS funds and outdoor learning

What other compliant ESSER/EANS purchases can you make this year?

Use your school's remaining ESSER/EANS funds to address any gaps in learning or to address learning loss. These purchases can include the following products and initiatives:

  • Classroom furniture and equipment for core curriculum.

  • Technology, furniture, and equipment for enrichment activities.

  • Adaptive furniture and equipment for special needs students.

  • Hire additional staff, support, or educators.

What benefits come with improved outdoor learning spaces?

Educators can expect a host of student benefits with outfitted learning spaces outdoors. Boost learning recovery and positively impact your students with the following:

  • Improved social skills

  • Enhanced motor skills development

  • Connection with nature

  • A reduced-stress learning environment

  • Hands-on exploration

  • Diverse learning experiences

How can I find the right outdoor learning products for my students?

Boost your summer programs, outdoor learning experiences, and student outcomes with not only the right outdoor furniture, but also the BEST outdoor learning outfitter - that's us! With years of experience helping schools like yours make compliant purchases, we know a thing or two about streamlining the process. Find all the latest outdoor learning products in one place and let our experts facilitate shipping, delivery, and setup for you!

Trust your compliance purchases with School Outfitters

It's a two-birds, one-stone option - use your remaining ESSER/EANS funds and outfit a brilliant outdoor learning space for your students! The other easy decision is to trust School Outfitters to help facilitate any renovations or new product implementation. We'll help you maximize every remaining federal dollar compliantly, so you can create outdoor learning opportunities students can thrive in all year round.

Contact our furniture experts and get your free quote today!

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