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Collaborative Whiteboard Tables: A Versatile Learning Tool

Key Takeaways:
  • Whiteboard tables encourage impromptu brainstorming and notetaking.
  • Collaborative tables are designed to fit together for group work.
  • Whiteboard tables make for a “greener” classroom by reducing the need for paper.

Key design elements of collaborative worksurfaces

When a school furnishing also happens to be an effective learning tool its value multiples. Not only for the student, but the teacher, as well. Collaborative whiteboard tables are a perfect example with several key features integrated to create a unique and highly useful worksurface.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word collaborate means “to work jointly with others.” While any surface can be used to collaborate on, a table designed for collaboration has specific elements that encourage working jointly with others. These elements include:

  • Shapes that improve sightlines.
  • Table sizes with ample reach for full participation.
  • Styles that can be rearranged quickly and fit together in group pods.
  • A seating capacity greater than one person.

Benefits of a writable surface

A collaborative whiteboard table takes these elements and enhances it further by incorporating a writable surface. This layer of functionality encourages:

  • Quick idea generation. With a writable surface at their fingertips, students can instantly jot down their thoughts without losing their train of thought while searching for paper to write on.
  • Spontaneous work. Impromptu class discussions don’t need to wait when a writable surface is always available.
  • Reusability. With proper cleaning and maintenance, the whiteboard surface can be used for years.
  • No mess. Dry erase markers leave no dust when erased. Students can write and revise with ease.
  • Reduction in paper use. Countless reams of paper can be saved making for a greener environment.

For educators, having students work on collaborative whiteboard tables allows for a quick gauging of progress. Mistakes can be easily erased, and detailed explanations provided. A learning space can benefit with these smaller footprint tables, designed to fit together quickly to create a larger workspace for group work. This unique versatility makes collaborative whiteboard tables ideal for any size space.

Collaborative whiteboard shapes and styles

The array of designs ranges from simple shapes like circles and crescents to more novel designs like cogs and bow ties. Some styles come equipped with casters for easy maneuvering, adjustable heights to accommodate various grade levels, attached seats and multiple piece sets. For inspiration, view our portfolio of 3D classroom designs with various collaborative whiteboard table configurations or this great video of a whiteboard collaborative table in use.

School Outfitters carries a full line of collaborative whiteboard tables in popular styles like flip-top training tables, café height tables, tables that complement our soft seating and even preschool tables. In addition to our great selection, we also have a team of experts ready to assist with questions, layouts and more. Contact us at 1-800-260-2776 or

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