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The Benefits of Using Standing Desks in the Classroom

The health impact from extended sitting

Sitting is what we do for a vast majority of the day. We sit while we eat, drive, work, watch television and socialize. Students do the same while learning and doing homework. The average U.S. adult sits 6 ½ hours each day and it may come as no surprise that teenagers average more at 8 each day. The trend is only increasing with our more sedentary lifestyle, which from a health perspective can be alarming.

Extended periods of sitting requires little energy from our bodies. Burning fewer calories each day on a regular basis can lead to health problems down the road like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight gain. Several studies reveal a connection between extended sitting with cardiovascular disease and cancer. The good news is there are steps we can take today to help avoid these health risks, especially if we find ourselves working at a desk each day.

Adapting workspaces for better health

In addition to incorporating breaks during the day from sitting with short walks and stretching, we can also adapt our workspace with a standing desk. This style of desk allows the user to stand while working. Standing desks are available as either a separate furnishing used independently from the existing desk, or one that added to a desk that converts it to a standing desk when needed. A standing desk can be just that, a desk to stand at or one that adjusts from a sitting to standing desk.

Standing desk perks

The benefits to using a standing desk include:
  • Calorie burning. While not necessarily significant, the mere act of movement versus remaining sedentary is enough to get blood flowing. Studies have shown that up to 50 calories per hour are burned by standing instead of sitting at a desk.
  • Alleviated neck and back pain. Changing positions throughout the day from sitting to standing has been shown to help reduce neck and back pain common with extended periods of sitting.
  • Increased productivity. Even limited physical activity, like standing, is enough to recharge throughout the day and help boost productivity.
  • Better mood. Physical activity in any form has been shown to improve a person’s mood and promote happiness.

Three styles of standing desks

Standing Desk

A straightforward standing desk allows for standing only. Styles can have footrests, casters that lock, storage space, keyboard trays and even whiteboard tops. These are a great option for those who prefer to stand while working.

Sit-to-Stand Desk

For those who would rather alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day a sit-to-stand desk is ideal. The work surface is easily adjusted with a pneumatic gas lift, levers or screws. Many styles come equipped with wheels for quick maneuvering that can then be locked keeping the desk in place.

Desktop Riser

Sometimes all it takes is modifying an existing desk with something designed to elevate your workstation. A desktop riser sits right on top of your desk and lifts your computer and keyboard from your seated position to your standing height.

Standing desk classroom benefits

For students, using a standing desk in the classroom reveals many of the same benefits shared earlier in this post. But there are a few others, too. These additional benefits include increased focus, better engagement and greater collaboration. Standing desks achieve the same results as wobble stools and ball chairs by channeling a student’s pent-up energy to minimize distractions.

Teachers also benefit from standing desks with their great versatility. Mobile standing desks allow for easy maneuvering throughout the classroom during group work and lectures. Some styles can house audio visual equipment, laptops and lesson plans. They can also be as simple as a desktop riser added to an existing desk.

There is no shortage of options available when it comes to standing desks. Shop School Outfitters’ complete line of standing desks and if you have questions contact our experienced sales team. Call 1-800-260-2776 or email

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