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Insights for Back-to-School 2024-2025 Planning

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If your school wants to upgrade its furniture or classroom designs for the 2024-2025 school year, now is the perfect time to delve into the planning process. After all, schools that plan early will enjoy the advantages of extra time and resources at their disposal. Today, we'll share the multiple benefits of early planning, plus outline tips and tricks to help you plan smarter and invest wiser.

School budget trends to expect this year

When you sit down to carve out your back-to-school 2024-2025 budgets, consider the current trends in education that are making a significant impact on classroom learning.

  • An increase in spending: According to some of the latest reports, schools are looking to increase budgets for the 2024-2025 school year. This is in part due to the expiration of federal relief funding, slated for September 2024.

  • Overcrowding relief: Many US schools are allocating funds to help address classroom overcrowding, compounded by nationwide teacher shortages.

  • Language barriers: School officials are seeking to use back-to-school 2024-2025 budgets to help bridge gaps in language barriers for students in households that speak non-English as the primary language.

  • Technology and security upgrades: In preparation for the 2024-2025 school year, administrators are planning to allocate budgets to enhance classroom technology and online security.

Address absenteeism with back-to-school 2024-2025 budget plans

In an official statement from the Whitehouse, the current administration plans to offer initiatives and objectives to combat chronic absenteeism. And according to stats shared by the Council of Economic Advisers, absenteeism contributes to 27% and 45% of test score declines in math and reading, respectively. Solutions proven to reduce chronic absenteeism to consider with your school budget plans include:

  • Initiatives to text attendance issues to parents and/or home visits

  • Early warning absenteeism systems to help address common causes

  • Data collection to better understand dynamics contributing to absenteeism

School furniture to include in your 2024-2025 budget

Help your school innovate with these school furniture options and room designs intended for improved student outcomes.

Products to facilitate collaborative learning

Bring students of all profiles together for collaboration and the benefits of group learning. Design your curriculum around collective interactions that improve knowledge retention, social skills, and teamwork. Furnishings that can help you achieve collaborative learning environments include:

Room designs for accessibility

Consider back-to-school 2024-2025 budget plans that improve student accessibility both in and outside of the classroom. Learning centers, outdoor play areas, and traditional room design elements can boost student accessibility. These accessible furniture investments can make a big difference:

Agile classroom designs

Teachers and students alike benefit from furniture, storage, and seating that brings agility to any learning space. Look for mobility options and multi-purpose products to improve how you adapt to classroom activities and students' needs. Here are just a few flexible and mobile furnishing options to consider:

Sustainable and durable furniture options

Schools can look to invest annual budgets in furniture, solutions, and accessories that withstand prolonged use and are environmentally friendly. Look for durable and sustainable materials for any new spending this year for maximum return on your investment. These additions are just a few examples of sustainable and durable options:

Products to improve high-dosage tutoring

Discover products to create or enhance your school's tutoring programs. Well-strategized tutoring initiatives can accelerate student learning, including stats that suggest learners will improve by 1.5 years in math alone. High-dosage tutoring will also ease teacher burdens and complement existing school-structured activities. Improve your tutoring programs with these furniture options:

Furnishings for after-school and summer learning

As part of your school's back-to-school 2024-2025 budget, consider investing in furniture and room designs that accommodate any extended learning, after-school programs, and summer education. These types of enrichment programs are game-changers for student outcomes. Explore these examples of enrichment program furniture additions:

Items that improve socioemotional learning

SEL is proven to have positive impacts on student outcomes within all age groups. Those impacts are long-term, too, with suggesting years after students participated in SEL environments, their academic performance rated 13 percentage points higher than those students not participating. These classroom enhancements can help your students explore socioemotional learning:

Trust School Outfitters to help stay on-budget

When it comes to back-to-school 2024-2025 budgets and planning, keep these trends and innovations in mind to stretch every dollar. And trust our furniture experts at School Outfitters to ensure every investment you make achieves your learning goals, arrives on time, and maximizes your school's budget! Get your free quote today to get started!

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