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Simple Ways to Repurpose Outdoor Space for Learning

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Key Takeaways:
  • Mobile and lightweight furniture lets you to take class outside.
  • Outdoor learning works especially well for art and science activities.
  • Permanent outdoor learning spaces continuously inspire students.

Use adaptive furniture to take advantage of beautiful days on the fly

Set-up and tear-down of an outdoor learning space can be time-consuming and difficult, but using furniture that works both inside and outside makes it simpler – and is one of the best ways to make the most of good weather at a moment’s notice.

Rolling easel centers are great for all kinds of lessons and often include storage for books and writing utensils. These centers offer students engagement in the classroom or outdoors. Fill them up with everything you need and roll them out to start your outdoor lesson in a matter of minutes. Use these centers with ultra-portable mini whiteboards to conduct quizzes, games and more.

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Seating is just as easy, especially with so many lightweight soft seating options available. These comfortable chairs have vinyl covers that are easy to clean and resistant to tears or abrasions, so they’re sure to withstand the outdoors. And, since they’re made of lightweight foam, students won’t have any trouble carrying them!

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Lightweight plastic folding tables are also easy to fold up and carry outdoors at a moment’s notice. Most plastic folding tables have super durable, weather-resistant tops and are a cinch to clean, making them ideal for messy outdoor activities. To safely and quickly move several folding tables at once, use a folding table truck.

Craft lesson plans that make the most of natural settings.

Going outside can be a nice break from the rigidity of traditional classrooms, but outdoor spaces can provide students with more than just relaxation.

Outdoor art exercises are great experiences for students of all ages and skill levels. With nothing more than a sketchbook and a pencil, students can practice drawing outdoor scenes. For more advanced students, collapsible easels are the perfect way to take art class to the playground, football and track fields or even just to natural elements outside the classroom.

Studying science outside is another easy task and provides students with valuable tactile experiences. Discovery is key to learning and with view scopes and magnifiers, students can see nature up close. Lessons on biology, matter and mass are available at your fingertips when class is outdoors. Tools like test tubes and pan balances make demonstrations simple yet engaging.

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Choosing the right lessons to take outside can leave lasting impressions on students and cultivate interest in STEAM fields.

Add permanent outdoor features that encourage students to learn

Yards and playgrounds are prime locations for permanent outdoor education spaces. Tying in rustic furniture like cedar stump seating and tables brings the natural world closer to students and makes outdoor areas look great.

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Activity centers can be easily added to play areas and encourage kids to learn and grow together. Mud kitchens offer tactile experiences while items like painting panels give students creative outlets during recess and offer educators another learning space. Building permanent outdoor spaces offers both students and teachers new approaches to learning.

Fitting outdoor educational experiences onto school grounds promotes student success and can be a simple process. School Outfitters is here to help you enhance your outdoor spaces with a variety of tools and furniture to create an engaging outdoor learning environment.

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