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How to Elevate Your Classroom Designs in 2024

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The year is winding down and winter recess is fast approaching for most schools. It's a great time to be thinking about new ways to elevate your classroom design in 2024.

We're sharing emerging classroom design trends worth considering. Whether you're exploring small updates to your classroom seating or you have a more expansive project in mind, these classroom design trends can propel your students' learning forward in a big way.

Incorporate spaces for technology learning

Some of the most significant classroom design changes you can expect to see in 2024 are those that incorporate spaces for technology and innovation. Today's curriculum is expanding to include artificial intelligence, web design, 3D printing, and even blockchain technology.

K-12 students need tech-friendly classrooms beyond the traditional computer lab setups that many schools still have. Consider upgrading your own spaces with some of these trending products and budget-friendly designs:

Use designs and techniques to keep students focused

Students are conditioned to consume content, learn, and play on devices. This immersion in digital media has impacted average attention spans. A recent study found that our estimated attention span has decreased by four seconds. That might not seem significant – but students are far more stimulated by their devices and could be losing focus at even higher rates. It's why so many teachers are exploring classroom design and product updates that improve focus and attention.

More dialog-conducive spaces (like collaboration areas with modular soft seating and mobile tables) and unique classroom aesthetics (like bright wall paint or art) can help keep students active and engaged.

In addition, classroom sensory spaces and tools can help calm and re-focus students when they're feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Consider adding a calm corner – complete with a tent, twinkling lights, and soft seating – as a space students can use to re-focus and regulate their emotions.

Explore some of these other focus-driven additions for your classroom in 2024:

Allow students to take ownership of learning

Another emerging trend in the classroom involves the teacher's role itself. Today's educators are pivoting away from the rigid parameters of ''teaching'' and adopting a more strategic approach to ''facilitate learning.''

You're not just covering the curriculum and assessing grades. You're incorporating new methods and techniques that focus on healthy and positive ways to learn for all students.

Today, the classroom isn't just a place to teach the ''what.'' It's a place where you facilitate the ''how'' and ''why,'' encouraging students to take a more active role in their learning journeys.

Consider creating new areas that promote soft skills, problem-solving, and independent learning with our designs as inspiration:

Make your space inclusive

Inclusive learning is a BIG priority for schools nationwide in 2024. Educators are interested in providing classroom spaces that welcome and accommodate a variety of sensory needs and learning styles.

Creating a learning environment that supports both disabled and non-disabled students can be challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. According to The Atlantic, ''as many as 85 percent of students with disabilities can master general-education content if they receive educational supports.''

That support can look like a classroom that encourages healthy movement or posture through adaptive furniture, or one that has a calming routine, like a morning meditation.

Here are just a few products and spaces that foster an environment of inclusivity and facilitate deeper learning for all your students:

Your elevated classroom designs start with School Outfitters

Start planning new strategies for elevating your classrooms in 2024 with these unique products and design ideas. Aligning your learning environment with anticipated trends can ensure you continue to improve student learning.

Our project experts can make the most of your funding and narrow down products that meet your design goals. Contact us at 1-800-260-2776 or at sales@schooloutfitters.com to get started today!

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