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How ESSER and EANS Funds Can Support Summer Learning

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To combat students’ pandemic learning loss, nearly 60% of the nation’s school districts are planning to spend a portion of their ESSER or EANS funds “on summer learning or a combination of summer and afterschool programs,” according to a FutureEd report.

In fact, “summer learning has emerged as the No. 1 strategy for academic recovery”, and spending on summer learning or summer learning and afterschool programming combined could reach $5.8 billion by 2024, according to FutureEd.

And it’s no wonder: research shows that summer programming can be an effective way to make up for lost instructional time.

Here’s how schools can use their ESSER or EANS funds to invest in furnishings that support their summer programming – whether it’s traditional course instruction or unique enrichment activities.

Prioritize flexible furnishings

Furnishings that are flexible and versatile give educators and students the power to transform their learning space on the fly – or move it entirely! Our favorite flexible furnishings for summer learning include:
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  • Folding tables. Lightweight and extremely durable, plastic folding tables are easy to pick up and move to outdoor space when the weather calls for it. Plus, they’re spacious enough for group activities.
  • Plastic stools. Plastic stools are portable, colorful and easy to wipe clean – perfect for messy activities whether indoors or out.
  • Modular soft seating. Comfortable and cozy, modular soft seating is ideal for libraries or common areas and can be quickly rearranged for various activities.

Expand access to educational technology

Ed tech can transform traditional lessons into engaging and custom learning experiences – whether students are learning remotely or in the classroom. Our list of ed tech must-haves for summer learning include:
  • Mobile charging carts. Ideal for libraries, media centers or common areas, charging carts keep shared devices like laptops or tablets up and running and easily accessible.
  • Student headphones. Durable headphones with mics allow students to participate in digital learning activities without disrupting others.
  • Document cameras. These are great tools for educators in virtually any learning environment and can be used to conduct in-class demonstrations or to record lectures for remote lessons.

Outfit space for fun enrichment activities

Many schools are going above and beyond traditional coursework for their summer programming and offering informal enrichment activities, according to FutureEd. Examples range from summer music courses and art lessons to STEM projects.

Allowing students to develop new skills through enrichment activities can bolster their mental health – and their ability to learn.

Our catalog of 3D room designs offers ideas on how educators can revamp enrichment spaces for summer learning.

Browse artroom designs complete with mobile bin storage and drafting stools or makerspaces outfitted with collaborative whiteboard tables and heavy-duty workstations.

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