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Learn what classroom furniture is compliant with ESSER/EANS funds

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Does your school have remaining ESSER/EANS funds to use this year? ESSER/EANS funds continue to be a lifeline for schools, allowing educators to bolster academic programs, enhance technology infrastructure, and foster inclusive learning environments.

For many schools, there are still learning gaps to bridge and furniture elements to upgrade. And while you don’t want to allow those remaining funds to expire, you also know that it’s mission-critical that you remain compliant with every dollar spent.

Today, we highlight compliant examples of classroom and learning space furniture you can invest your ESSER/EANS funds in right now to boost student outcomes in 2024.

Esports spaces to enhance student learning

Competitive video gaming, also known as Esports or electronic sports, is a growing trend in K-12 schools. Advocates say it’s a great mechanism to teach skills like teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. Use your school’s ESSER/EANS funds to create or enhance your Esports initiatives.

  • Esports desks - Gaming tables add vibrant colors, modern design, and healthy ergonomics. Plus, they’re equipped with grommets to keep cords and cables organized in any game room setting.

  • Gaming headsets - Durable gaming headsets immerse students in play and feature customizable sound options, omnidirectional mics, and padded headbands. Explore wired and wireless options to enhance your students' Esports experiences.

  • Ergonomic gaming chairs - Comfortable and customizable, ergonomic gaming chairs keep students engaged through long gaming stints. Explore all the gaming chair options with features like lumbar support, padded armrests, and locking casters.

Sensory spaces for dynamic classroom environments

Teachers and administrators are always looking for innovative ways to introduce calming and relaxing sensory elements to their classrooms. If you’re interested in relaxation furniture, see what other schools are ordering right now with their ESSER/EANS funds.

  • ‘Zen den’ floor cushions and beanbags - Explore top brands like Sprogs to find colorful and comfortable beanbag chairs and floor cushions for your K-12 learning spaces.

  • Soothing bubble tube lights - Popular in special education spaces, especially for educators who are looking for innovative sensory products, bubble tube lights are great additions to early learning classrooms.

  • Calming rugs and weighted blankets - Bring calm to any busy classroom with calming rugs of various colors and textiles, along with an assortment of calming weighted blankets for over-stimulated students – all ESSER-approved, too!

Inclusive learning furniture and accessories

Inclusive and adaptive learning initiatives continue to be a priority for schools nationwide. What you may not realize is that you can use your remaining ESSER/EANS funding to make significant improvements to your inclusive and adaptive learning plans.

  • Inclusive outdoor trends - Make outdoor playground areas more accessible and inclusive with innovative additions to your outdoor recreation initiatives.

  • Adaptive classroom seating - Innovate your school’s seating, from libraries and lounges to classrooms and libraries, with modern adaptive chairs and seating, all ESSER-approved.

  • Flexible furnishings - Minimize classroom disruptions with flexile furnishings that are perfect for high-energy and active students, like wobble stools, floor cushions or mobile activity tables.

FAQs about ESSER/EANS funds furniture and compliance

Have more questions about your ESSER/EANS funds, furniture, or compliance? Find quick-reference answers here.

When is the deadline to use remaining ESSER/EANS funds?

ESSER funding should be allocated ESSER III funds by September 30, 2024, and spent by January 31, 2025. Extensions are available by contacting your state’s education agency. EANS funding should be fully spent by September 31, 2024.

What mistakes should my school avoid when investing ESSER/EANS funds?

Don’t wait to invest your school’s remaining funds. Whether you’re purchasing one chair or outfitting an entire campus, put those ESSER/EANS funds to use before the deadline. Allocate your funds with ESSER/EANS-approved furniture and accessories with School Outfitters.

How can my school prepare for the ESSER/EANS funding cliff?

As schools recognize that relief funds are running out, some of the top priorities for remaining spend involve IT upgrades, tech infrastructure improvements, and innovative technologies for flexible learning. In addition to the ESSER/EANS-approved furniture options listed above, consider how your school might improve its overall technology offerings.

Where can my school find ESSER/EANS-approved furniture?

Trust the furniture and compliance experts at School Outfitters to help you maximize your remaining budgets! Explore a full roster of compliant furniture options to innovate your common areas, playgrounds, classrooms, and learning spaces.

Get a quote from the ESSER/EANS funds experts at School Outfitters

Take the hassle and anxiety out of ESSER/EANS funds compliance when you partner with the ESSER/EANS furniture experts at School Outfitters! We make the process easy and seamless, allowing your school to maximize its funds, improve learning spaces, and remain entirely within compliance. Contact our ESSER/EANS experts and explore your options! Get your free quotes today!

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