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8 Signs Your School Needs a Better Classroom Furniture Partner

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Ordering school furniture isn't always a walk in the park – between tight budgets, stakeholder interests, compliance concerns, or complicated deliveries and installation, there can be a lot to navigate!

But it doesn't have to be a negative experience. In fact, you can Experience Positive with School Outfitters and streamline every step of your school's order. We make purchasing compliance, ordering, delivery, and setup a breeze!

If your current classroom furniture partner exhibits any of the following signs, it's time to make the switch to School Outfitters and enjoy a far more positive experience!

1. You have questions but aren't getting answers.

If you have questions about ordering school furniture but aren't getting answers, it's time for a new partner. It's crucial to find a supplier who prioritizes clear communication and responsiveness to ensure your needs are met effectively. And that means having the knowledge and expertise to answer any questions you have along the way about products, purchasing compliance delivery, and more.

2. The classroom furniture options are limited.

Limited classroom furniture options can hinder your ability to create versatile and engaging learning environments. When you don't have the selection of desks, chairs, and classroom accessories, you risk buying pieces that don't enhance your learning spaces as you'd hoped. So, seek out classroom furniture partners who offer a diverse range of furniture solutions tailored to any educational settings, including learning styles, teaching preferences, and student dynamics.

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3. There aren't free room design services.

Without access to free room design services, it's challenging to optimize your classroom layouts for student engagement and comfort. After all, you're administrators and teachers, not architectural designers. This makes it essential to partner with a supplier that offers comprehensive design support, including free classroom design options to choose from or customized renderings of your space.

4. Your furniture partner serves businesses first.

When your furniture partner prioritizes businesses over schools, you may not receive tailored solutions that meet educational requirements. Office furniture suppliers might not have the educational expertise you need to make smart classroom furniture decisions. Be mindful not to order your classroom furniture from just any company whose sales reps don't know about ESSER fund compliance, inclusive early learning spaces, or other trends in learning. Instead, prioritize suppliers with a strong focus on meeting the unique needs of educational institutions.

5. The supplier tries to sell you on their own products first.

It's not uncommon for classroom furniture suppliers to also manufacture their own lines of furniture. But don't feel forced into buying a vendor's specific line of products when there might be other products better suited for your students. Choose the school furniture partner with the widest selection of innovative, modern, and affordable designs across all brands so you can make the best purchasing decisions.

6. You feel like a transaction.

Feeling like a transaction rather than a valued partner can lead to dissatisfaction and overlooked needs. This only underscores the importance of choosing a furniture team of experts who prioritize meaningful, repeat relationships and understanding your school's goals. If you feel like a number and a basic transaction, it's time to find a new school furniture partner.

7. You don't receive help after you've ordered furniture.

Lack of assistance after ordering furniture can lead to frustration and delays in setting up classrooms effectively. Don't invest your school's valuable resources only to be ignored after the transaction. Instead, work with a school furniture expert who's committed to providing ongoing order support and assistance throughout the process, even through delivery and installation.

8. You constantly feel like you're overspending

Constantly feeling like you're overspending on school furniture can strain your budget and limit resources for other essential educational needs. Your funds are important, and you should work with a furniture partner who understands how to maximize every dollar to reach your school's goals. And choose a supplier who can offer incredibly competitive pricing and transparent cost structures.

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Maybe it's time for a new partner – School Outfitters!

If you're feeling soured by the nature of your current school furniture vendors, consider making the change to a new partnership with School Outfitters! When 97% of the top 1,000 school districts trust our experts with their furniture orders, you can be sure to Experience Positive with us! Start browsing our innovative products and room designs, and contact our experts for a free quote in 24 hours.

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