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5 Classroom Coat Racks That Help Manage Winter Coats

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Getting coats on and off can be a whole production with young children who aren’t quite used to their bulky clothes. Often students want to just throw their coats near the door or hang them on their seats where they drop onto the floor. Skip the mess with a classroom coat rack and create student routines to reduce the amount of time spent dealing with children’s winter coats. Here are five of our very favorite classroom coat lockers.

Eight Section Classroom Coat Locker with Seats

First up is an innovative option for classrooms with very active students. The Eight-Section Classroom Seat Locker is a beautiful Baltic birch wooden coat rack with plenty of space. Despite having deep shelves, this coat locker is really quite slim. Depending on the space, multiple units can be placed next to each other to create a little coat area right by the entrance to your daycare or classroom.

Each of the main sections has metal double hooks, allowing for up to 16 coats to be hung in this coat cubby unit. Alternatively, students could keep their backpacks and coats together in a single section. The design of this coat locker overall helps cut down on confusion and makes the end of the day less hectic.

The top compartments can hold lunchboxes, hats and mittens or even classroom supplies. The bottom cubbies can hold shoes and boots, keeping mud and moisture contained, but they also give students a place to sit while they wrangle on their gear. Having students sit down while they put on their boots, gloves, hats and coats stops them from hopping around or falling over if they get distracted before going outside.

This classroom seat locker is available with all eight sections or, if you have limited space, two section, three-section, and five-section options. All of these seated coat lockers have recessed backs that prevent tipping and rounded corners that keep your classroom safe. These wooden coat racks are perfect for helping students stay focused while getting in and out of the cold.

20 Section Mobile Classroom Coat Locker

For schools with larger class sizes finding a place for wet coats can be a pain. Add to this the fact that these same classrooms typically have limited space and the number of options shrinks. Luckily, a convenient solution exists: the 20-Section Mobile Locker from Sprogs.

This attractive mobile coat rack can hold so much, both in and on top of the cubbies. Each of the 20 sections has dual metal coat hooks, meaning that up to 40 coats can be stored at once. Even with growing class sizes, most schools would be hard-pressed to find a classroom this coat locker couldn't fully serve. Each compartment is two feet tall and one foot across, leaving plenty of room for puffy jackets, water bottles and lunch boxes.

What makes this classroom coat rack really special are the four heavy-duty casters. These smooth wheels make this unit extremely versatile and easy to move around. As soon as class begins, the coats can be wheeled away and put out of sight to reduce distractions. When it’s time to go, instead of having students huddle against a wall trying to reach their jackets, you can pull the coat locker right out into the middle of the room and let the kids quickly grab what they need.

At just four feet tall, the top shelf can be put to use as well. Displaying decorations like world globes or model skeletons adds a nice touch to a classroom without taking up much space. Simple classroom supplies like construction paper and hole punches can be placed on top of the coat rack until they’re needed. If there’s nothing in your room that needs extra space, students will appreciate being able to set their gloves and hats on the top shelf while they get their coats on. All in all, this mobile locker is a fantastic option for large schools on a budget.

Labeled Coat Lockers

Some busy classrooms need students to get started as soon as they come in, but this can be challenging when taking off bulky winter wear slows them down. A Classroom Open Shelf Locker with nameplates is the ideal way to start the day on task.

Featuring double hooks for coats and bags, the dry erase name tags can include more than one name and can be updated at any time. With lower cubbies for smaller articles of clothing or for keeping soaked shoes, students can keep all their gear collected in one place. The top shelves offer more space to keep small articles of clothing, but they can also be used for other student items.

Helping children pivot from outside or home activities to learning exercises is an incredibly important step to effectively teaching any material. With a total height of less than four feet, these top slots are perfect for storing student workbooks and activity binders. Having students take their coats off and grab their daily school work creates a tangible signal that learning time has begun. Similarly, putting the completed folders or workbooks back on the shelf can provide students with a daily sense of accomplishment before they head out.

This Baltic birch coat locker can match any décor and has a sister unit made with a lovely dark maple wood. Both units are perfect for creating a wooden coat rack wall. The recessed back and rounded corners put safety first while providing enough space for everyone in your busy classrooms.

Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

With the right coat rack, you can save a lot of space while efficiently dealing with bulky winter coats. An entryway Wooden Wall-Mounted Coat Rack takes up virtually no space with its compact design that can be hung almost anywhere.

This convenient wall-mounted coat rack is an affordable way to keep up to ten snow-covered jackets from dripping everywhere or soaking in a pile all day. Another slim option is the Five Section Wall Locker from Wood Designs. Both options provide cubby space for other student accessories such as hats, gloves, lunchboxes and more.

For classrooms that need a wall-mounted coat rack with storage at an affordable price, the Sprogs rack is the best option. Sprogs’ coat rack with hooks features ten cubbies compared to Wood Designs’ five, as well as a wide top shelf that can be used for additional storage if needed. Hang this heavy-duty wall-mounted coat rack low to allow students access to paper, books or activity folders. Place the coat rack high to keep supplies like tissues, glitter and glue out of reach until you're ready for the class to use them.

This modern wall-mounted coat rack with shelf is built to last with safe rounded edges and a protective UV finish that keeps it looking good every year. This quick and easy coat solution is perfect for classrooms with precious little room for new furniture.

Teacher Wardrobe Cabinet

Combining storage in the classroom is an effective tactic for keeping plenty of supplies on hand without sacrificing space. A sturdy wooden wardrobe cabinet is one of the best ways for educators to store their classroom supplies alongside coats and other personal belongings.

The Teacher's Wooden Wardrobe Unit and the Teacher's Wooden Cabinet are two spacious options for storing coats and anything else you might need throughout the day. With a strong coat rack bar, small class sizes will have no problem utilizing this teacher’s wardrobe to centralize everyone’s winter gear. Make class dismissal simple and organized by having students line up and grab their coats one at a time to put them on at their desks or by the door.

With three wide adjustable shelves, there’s plenty of room for coats, bags, boots and more. A locking door keeps items secure, so you can safely keep cleaning liquids, other classroom supplies and your own personal belongings all in one place. This teacher’s wooden wardrobe unit even has a top shelf for storing items that aren’t used as frequently or that you want to keep out of reach.

With a solid base and a recessed back, this coat rack wardrobe is safe for use in early learning environments. Maximizing classroom space by combining storage is a simple solution to winter coat woes and keeps small spaces clear.

No matter what size classroom you have or how many student coats you have to deal with, these durable coat racks are specifically designed to save the day or rather, the whole winter season.

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