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3 Ways to Support Your Teachers and School Staff

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It’s been a tough year and a half for most, but thankfully our teachers have stepped up and been a source of stability for kids and parents alike. Unfortunately, burnout is a real threat to passionate educators, especially through trying times, but there are a few areas ripe for improvement that will give your teachers a second wind.

New seats support educators throughout long days

Now is a great time to take care of a classroom item often overlooked during yearly budgets – teacher’s chairs. Teachers don’t often get to both choose their own chairs and avoid spending their own money on a comfortable seat, but a great chair can make a huge difference in their day.

Our Westgate Series Executive Chair is ergonomic and comfortably cushioned. This chair is available with a high-back or a mid-back and is completely adjustable. The material is easy to clean and very durable, so teachers can enjoy their chair for years to come. The standard shape and size of this chair is ideal for most people and the sleek design can match any décor.

Plenty of other comfortable seating options are available to suit different preferences too. Our Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair is stout, sturdy, designed to keep teachers cool and comes in bright colors. For teachers that prefer to stand for part of or most of the day, you can offer one of our contoured Sit-to-Stand Active Stools, which again are adjustable and available in a variety of colors. All of these seating options are extremely affordable, especially if your school is eligible for contract pricing, so getting your teachers new chairs is a realistic approach to rewarding your hard-working staff.

Organize teacher supplies

Whether they’re trying to wrap up their day or just getting started, teachers can feel extremely frustrated when they can’t find something they need – and understandably so! Organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task and having the right equipment is essential to supporting your staff.

Even small changes can have a big impact. Book carts are a fantastic way to organize and share supplies throughout your school. They’re useful not only for books but also for paper, electronic devices and totes filled with any supplies classrooms need. Storage bins in general are a surprisingly simple way to get organized quickly. With labels and handheld sizes, totes and bins can sort supply closets or be assigned to individual teachers to receive materials, mail and more. Jonti-Craft’s mobile cubby storage tower can create a centralized storage area for teachers to access up to 32 different supplies and either take them back to their rooms or fill up their cart or tote with only what they need.

Re-organizing can make the thousand little errands educators take care of every day run smoothly and efficiently, cutting down on frustration and letting them focus on what’s important: creating a successful learning environment.

Revamp the teacher’s lounge

To students, the teacher’s lounge is a majestic and mysterious place, but the reality is most often far from either of these ideas. That doesn’t mean this room can’t be a special haven for stressed staff members, but it’s likely that your own lounge could use some upgrades to help teachers feel welcome and relaxed – even if it’s just until the next bell.

First, coffee. A good coffee and tea station can be enjoyed by almost anyone and is easy to set up. You’ll need some coffee and tea options, a good coffee maker, an electric kettle and a mini fridge to hold little extras like creamer. You may already have some of these supplies and asking teachers and staff to either bring in or suggest coffee and tea flavors is a great way to stay fully stocked with exactly what everyone wants. Adding in a cabinet suite can pull everything together and make it easy to store honey, sugar, stir sticks, mugs and anything else your staff might need to get their daily brew made just right.

Another simple yet important element to any teacher’s lounge is, naturally, lounge furniture. Couches and armchairs are designed for sinking into and having a quiet respite. Easy to clean, cushy seating gives teachers a relaxing spot to take their coffee, tea, snack or lunch and have a peaceful moment. Complete the cozy atmosphere with an accent rug and impress your staff with their new and improved space.

Quite possibly more than ever before we are all seeing just how important our schools are. At School Outfitters, we’ve always known that teachers and administrators are heroes to the children in our lives and we love being a part of the support system for our educators. Teaching can be a wild adventure and feeling appreciated makes difficult days a little easier for everyone.

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