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10 Small Classroom Design Changes with Big Student Outcomes

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When it comes to designing or improving your learning spaces, you don't always have the budget to make the expansive changes you'd like. But the learning space experts at School Outfitters can help you maximize every dollar of your budget and improve your classrooms without breaking the bank. Get inspired to enhance student learning with these small classroom design changes that lead to big student outcomes.

1. Flexible seating updates

Flexible seating arrangements are great for accommodating various learning activities and group sizes. Consider purchasing flexible chairs and outfitting one learning space at a time.

What to consider: A variety of lightweight and easy-to-move seating that students can pick and choose from, including:

2. Interactive light sources

Incorporating engaging light sources like lamps, panels, or sensory tools can help to enhance student moods and productivity. Look for ways to bring light and nature into the classroom, and watch your students embrace their new learning space!

What to consider: Various light sources throughout your classroom, such as:

3. Designated activity zones

Create designated zones for different activities, like reading corners, quiet nooks, or collaborative workspaces. Breaking up large classroom spaces into smaller, more intimate areas allows teachers to customize students' learning experiences.

What to consider: Furnishings that allow you to create unique spaces within your classroom, like:

4. Nature-inspired designs

Look for small ways to introduce the great outdoors into your classroom designs. Add plants or greenery to promote a sense of calm. You can also consider a host of furniture and products that emulate nature with unique designs right in the classroom.

What to consider: The sights, sounds, and aromas of the outdoors with nature-inspired products like:

5. Vibrant wall or furniture colors

Use colorful and visually stimulating décor or furniture pieces to enhance engagement and student creativity. Lighter shades and colors can make small rooms feel bigger, while subtle hues can inspire calming reactions.

What to consider: Pieces that bring bursts of color to your classroom design, including:

6. Ergonomic furniture solutions

Implement ergonomic furniture to support proper posture and comfort during long periods of sitting. Ergonomic furniture, like flexible plastic chairs, sit-to-stand desks or chairs with adjustable features, help keep students more focused and alert, too!

What to consider: Classroom furniture designed with ergonomics in mind, including:

7. The right storage solutions

Introducing the right storage solution can be a small step that opens learning space for new student experiences. Invest in classroom storage to minimize clutter and optimize space for movement, collaboration, and learning!

What to consider: Affordable storage bins, shelving units, or classroom cubbies, like:

8. Mobile classroom furnishings

Introduce mobile furniture to accommodate different learning needs and preferences. Mobile desks, chairs, or storage units with locking casters make it easy to change your classroom layout at a moment's notice.

What to consider: Essential mobile classroom furnishings, like:

9. Tech-friendly furniture and equipment

Incorporate furniture and equipment that helps keep devices powered on and ready to go, like powered seating or charging stations. And look for ways to layer technology experiences throughout the student learning process.

What to consider: Tech-centric additions like these to your classroom design, like:

10. Calming sensory products

Integrate sensory-friendly elements to create an inclusive environment for all students. Neurodivergent students and those with unique sensory profiles can adapt to the learning environment better with just one sensory product addition.

What to consider: Sensory products that calm and focus students, like:

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School Outfitters can help with your classroom designs

Get inspired to elevate your students' learning experiences with small classroom design options that bring BIG impacts! And whether you're buying one chair or outfitting an entire learning space, School Outfitters can deliver, on time and on budget. Start browsing our thousands of products, including Quick Ship pieces you can introduce to your classrooms immediately. If you still need guidance, trust our furniture experts to help you find everything you need. Contact our experts for your free quote, and let us help you improve your student outcomes, one piece of furniture at a time!

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