Top 5 Products for Your Common Area

Common areas are a great place for students to collaborate on ideas, hold study groups or work on a project. Adding comfortable, inviting furniture to your facility's unused rooms, hallways or entrance spaces creates informal workspace perfect for active learning. Here are five essentials for turning your unused space into a collaborative gathering place.

#1 Modular Soft Seating

Modular Soft Seating offers a variety of stylish, padded chairs to keep students or faculty comfortable during extended discussions or study groups. Nylon floor glides mean you can easily arrange these seating pieces for collaborative work or move them to a quiet area for individual study. The modular design allows you to customize a seating arrangement that suits your space.

#2 Round Side Table w/ Electrical Outlet

Wired furniture such as the Round Side Table with Electrical Outlet ensures devices stay charged and ready for use at all times. The built-in outlet features both electrical and USB ports to accommodate most laptops, tablets and smart devices. A laminate surface is easy to clean with soap and water or any standard cleaning spray.

#3 Shapes Series II Vinyl Soft Seating (Grouped)

Configurable furniture like the Shapes Series II Vinyl Soft Seating offers students a comfortable space for collaborative work or discussion groups. Perfect for impromptu gatherings, the lightweight design means these pieces can be quickly arranged for small or large groups, or function as temporary ottomans and tables.

#4 Heavy-Duty Flipper Table

The Heavy-Duty Flipper Table is ideal for smaller group projects or discussions. Two grommet holes keep laptop or tablet cables out of the way and optional, add-on electrical/USB components mean several students can work on devices as they charge. The flip-down tabletop and heavy-duty casters make it simple to push the table out of the way when additional floor space is required.

#5 Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

Seating such as the Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool features an easy-to-use pneumatic height-adjustment so students and teachers can quickly raise or lower the seat to their comfort level. The base of the stool is weighted, offering a wide range of motion to lean, turn and move as needed and a vinyl-covering prevents slipping.

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