Top 5 Products for Your Flexible Learning Space

A flexible classroom needs configurable, easily-moveable school furniture that students can rearrange to best suit their learning needs. Here are five essentials for turning your traditional classroom into an environment that supports many different ways of teaching and learning.

#1 Shape Series Mobile Tablet Arm Chair

A mobile workstation such as the Shape Series Mobile Tablet Arm Chair gives students ownership over their space. A lightweight design and rolling casters mean it's a breeze for students to arrange these workstations into collaborative discussion groups or into rows for independent study. A built-in storage space keeps belongings and books easily accessible.

#2 Interactive Table

The Interactive Table is height adjustable, so teachers can tailor the workspace to suit students' needs. Each table can fit up to four students for collaboration and small discussion groups. Designed to fit together in groups of three, these tables are equipped with rolling casters so students can easily maneuver the desks into a pod that's perfect for projects that require additional workspace. Grouped desks seat up to six.

#3 Shape Series High Cantilever Chair

The Shape Series High Cantilever Chair offers an ergonomic seat that keeps students comfortable, allowing them to focus their full attention on lessons, discussions and projects. Rounded edges and a flexible, molded shell allow for multiple seating positions, and a built-in footrest provides additional comfort. Unexposed hardware prevents snagged hair and clothing.

#4 Mobile Magnetic Room Divider

Portable writing surfaces such as the Mobile Magnetic Room Divider allow teachers to section off work spaces or discussion groups. Easy mobility means lessons, note-taking and brainstorming sessions can take place virtually anywhere in the room. A magnetic surface means it doubles as a display board for student assignments or artwork.

#5 Metal Storage Collection w/ Bins

The Metal Storage Collection keeps your classroom supplies organized and easily accessible. Removable bins offer a quick and efficient way to transport materials around the classroom. Students can simply remove a bin from the cart and bring it over to their workspace.

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