Building Learning Equipment into Playgrounds

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"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

When you observe children at play, notice the signs of release and freedom. They move more fluidly, laugh more loudly and exert themselves more fully. Their bodies recharge as they get a break from the requirements of the day. Their lungs expand with oxygen to energize their brains, while sunlight boosts their immune systems to good health.

During outside play, children naturally gravitate towards playground equipment that amplifies their energy. Exploration becomes the springboard for fun, where learning happens as children test the limits of what is possible. The sheer abandon experienced during playtime frees children to use their imaginations as they investigate the array of playground equipment designed for educational fun.

Outdoor learning equipment provides another tool for educators to teach by assisting discovery across a range of different domains.

Science & Technology

Outdoor STEM equipment invites children to manipulate aspects of the natural world. Waterways teach about locks and channels when children control dams that float objects along the winding routes. Garden beds and composting equipment let students nurture living things and observe growth cycles. Outdoor activity tables provide spaces for children to lay out their discoveries for closer observation.

Language & Communication

Talk tubes demonstrate the wonder of sound conduction as children talk into funnels that carry their voices across the playground. Interactive panels introduce students to different forms of visual expression when they work with displays that depict US geography, US sign language, time on a conventional clock or weather conditions.

Art & Music

Sturdy art and music equipment opens an avenue for students to stay active and explore their creative sides. Percussion instruments let children hammer out notes on durable xylophones or bang out rhythms on weather-resistant drums. Art panels provide upright, washable surfaces for students to express themselves while absorbed in their outdoor play.

Imaginative Play

Playhouses and outdoor play furnishings inspire children to imagine themselves in charge of the activities they see adults doing in everyday life. Students can also create adventures on the bow of a ship, in the pilotÆs seat of a helicopter or in the conductorÆs chair of a freight train. Stand-alone panels let children put on their own puppet theater or pretend to work at different store fronts.

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